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Recovery Coaching

You are on the road to recovery. You’ve graduated from detox and treatment, have gained helpful coping skills, and are living a sober life. You may have even lived in a sober home for a number of months. But, the potential threat of danger from addiction is far from gone. Unfortunately, most people who get help for drug or alcohol addiction through treatment will and do relapse. This is because it takes time to establish new and healthy lifestyles. Fortunately, it is proven that aftercare services help individuals stay on the road to recovery. One such service, a recovery coach, can further help to prevent relapse.

Why Use a Recovery Coach?

Not everyone has 90 days to complete a residential stay in treatment for addiction. And, even if one does have the time and resources to complete this type of treatment, they may still relapse. Most people who get help for addiction spend 30 days in treatment at either a residential or outpatient facility. And, have to attempt to obtain lasting recovery with what they’ve learned in this short amount of time.

Recovery Coach Services in New York | Transitional Recovery PartnersOnce treatment concludes, individuals are left to go back to where they’ve come from; back to an environment they may associate with drug use. For many, simply going home (and being surrounded by this type of environment) can be a trigger for relapse. Additionally, leaving a treatment environment that places full accountability onto those in recovery can also be a relapse trigger.

A recovery coach helps to address these relapse triggers and provide recovery accountability after treatment concludes. This way, individuals can continue focusing on their recovery goals and continue establishing a new and healthy lifestyle. Recovery coaches can be available at any time of the day. And, can offer assistance with a number of other aspects of recovery like:

  • Transportation to and from 12 step meetings
  • Holding individuals accountable for their own sobriety
  • Offering advice and encouragement
  • Acting as an emergency contact

A Recovery Coach Helps Establish Lasting Recovery

To conclude, recovery Coaching acts as an integral component of an outpatient addiction treatment plan by leveraging the client’s existing strengths and abilities in the pursuit of long-term recovery. While traditional therapy might focus on disorder diagnoses, symptoms, or the past, Recovery Coaching is a behavioral approach that focuses on the present and future while utilizing the client’s innate strengths and assets as tools to maintain abstinence. Finally, recovery coach emphasizes client empowerment, ongoing encouragement, and assists in developing and attaining achievable goals in the recovery process.

Recovery Coach from Transitional Recovery Partners

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